Install and run Zeronet on your Raspberry Pi

The motivation: Access to Play, World’s first server-less, P2P distributed torrent site on ZeroNet.

As easy as:

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Compile PHP 7 for Raspberry Pi (with memcached)

The PHP version that comes with Raspbian is the 5.4.45 at the time I’m writing this. Recently I’ve installed OwnCloud 8.2.2, which recommends PHP 5.6 or newer, so, I decided to compile a newer version by myself. Indeed I tried with a couple of newer versions: 5.6.18 and 7.0.3, both with php-fpm support.

After compiling, configuring and running both versions as separated php-fpm sockets, I runned this benchmark script to compare them, and these were the results:



It’s awesome, isn’t it? 🙂

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Convert video from x265 to x264 codecs with Raspberry Pi

Recently I realized that the x265 codecs are not using the GPU as the x264 codecs does, at least in Linux. Then, you need a quite new CPU to smoothly reproduce these videos, which is quite annoying for people using a Raspberry Pi or a similar device as home-cinema. Like me.

Well, I downloaded a whole series encoded with this x265 codecs. And after a few minutes cursing this crazy-codecs world, I decided to take my time and learning how to transform videos from x265 to x264 format (the good and fast one). This re-encoding process takes about 2x or 3x the time of each video, which means several hours for a whole series, so I preferred to use my Raspberry Pi server to do the process during the nights.

(By the way, to see how to install ffmpeg and x265 support on Ubuntu 14.04, click here)

First, I needed the last version of ffmpeg command, with both x265 and x264 support in my Raspberry. Sadly, there is no packages for that, so I had to download, compile and install them. This is the whole process:

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